About Us

Emgage Action is a bipartisan, nationally based the political action committee that endorses and raises money for state and federal candidates based on their support for civil rights, minority rights and a diverse America where underrepresented communities are seen as a part of the social fabric of our nation.

Emgage Action distributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to candidates nationwide, a majority of whom went on to win their elections. The PAC also produces a voter recommendation slate, which it distributes in local communities mobilizing tens of thousands of voters within individual states. Emgage Action PAC has ambitious goals to build strong political support to bring civility to the political discourse of the United States and work to ensure that underrepresented communities have a voice in our nation's political dialogue.

Individual contributors directly support endorsed candidates through the PAC, thereby making an important political statement about the motivation for their support. Emgage Action solicits contributions from its members to candidates both online and off. Emgage Action works with candidates who believe in bringing civility to our country's political discourse and also support the idea of using our nation's diversity as a strength by ensuring underrepresented communities have a voice in Florida and throughout the United States. 

The PAC's Finance Committee recruits major donors who can make and raise larger contributions to candidates. The PAC's online fundraising campaign mobilizes large numbers of smaller donors to contribute to endorsed candidates.

In deciding which candidates to endorse, we interview candidates about their views on issues that are important to us and we take into account the views of all candidates on issues that are the focus of the PAC. In funding decisions, we take into account other factors, such as how competitive the race is. The PAC does not interview candidates on – and its endorsement should not be read to imply support for their positions on – any other issue.